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Guess what's now on TV Tropes.


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I'm what they call "troper" there, and I've put up a few pages about fur.


Now I couldn't just shoehorn them in (and wasn't about to). They had to be about storytelling conventions. I tested it out with Fur And Loathing, which is about how wearing fur is portrayed in fiction since the mid eighties. That worked, so I threw in a few more, and now put up Pretty In Mink as the general trope about fur in fiction.


I've also put up a bunch of pictures with fur in the following pages:


Busby Berkeley Number

Death By Materialism

Ermine Cape Effect

Fetish Fuel

Fetish Fuel: Anime And Manga

FetishFuel: Soul Series

Fur And Loathing

Fur Bikini

Goldie Gold And Action Jack

Happy Holidays Dress

The House Of Tudor

Impractically Fancy Outfit

Mafia Princess

Model Couple

Notable Commercial Campaigns

Pimped Out Dress

Playing To The Fetishes

Pretty In Mink

Princess Classic (it's hard to see, but her cape is trimmed with ermine)

Requisite Royal Regalia

Standard Female Grab Area

The Ultimate Sexy Women Of Hollywood

Up Marketing

Venus In Furs (not the book, something else)

Winter Royal Lady


And a few that didn't quite have fur, but for feather and wool fans...

If I Were A Rich Man

Life Of The Party

Sweater Girl


But again, I didn't shoehorn them in. They had to fit the tropes and pages I posted them on.


And if any of you want to add to some of these, like making a page for Dynasty, which is currently blank, feel free. Just remember to keep it in line with that site. And that means no no bashing anyone, not even PETA.

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