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White Fox

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I put quite a number of new videos on the list last night again. However, this was by far the best. Many were good enough to make it but not that high a quality. I had not had a lot of time to search just lately, and have not had time to post videos by others. Finally got some time " title="Applause" /> .


I am hoping to get more videos on in the near future again. I have quite a number here suggested by others but I have to check them for where they should be posted, their quality, if they still exist, etc, so it takes quite awhile to load the video, watch it, load it and work that all out, etc.


Any time you find videos please do not hesitate to post either here, or via pm to me. Only thing I ask is that you do a quick check to see if you can find them on the list. All videos are posted by the name that they use on Utube or other sites. Just check for the name and if you do not see it quickly, just forward to me. I do understand if you just do not see the name. No problem. That happens. It just helps me a lot if you can check first with a quick glance.


Again, that was indeed an interesting video. Not quite as much in the first few seconds. Give it time to run. I think you will like it folks.



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