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how do you find new pics of celebs in fur . . . Few ideas


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i always check out getty images and rex features. I do a general search for fur and see who's been spotted in it. I then search various sites, superior pictures i find very good and do a search in the celeb's name and get larger pics. Just wondered how you guys did it?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Interesting question.


In fact DB is a person who well knows the time it takes to search, etc. He has found quite a lot of links that are listed on our links pages, so I know this question is asked by someone who is really interested in this. (We all owe you a lot of thinks for that DB! " title="Applause" /> ) I have also noticed that some folks seem to be really great at finding these while others like me search so often finding so little.


About the only trick that I have found is on Utube, when you search it gives a list of "Other similar videos" at the same time. Generally we have seen most on that list, but often if you click on those, and look on the next "Other similar" list and keep following through til you are no longer in "Fur", you can find new ones.


I would love to see the ideas here, as we can all do nothing but benefit. Great question!



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