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Moving from Oz to the UK


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Hi guys


I'm moving from Oz to the UK for a while and was wondering if I needed and fur related documentation if I wanted to take a fox coat with me?


Many thanks

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If you are just wearing it... then I don't think it will be a problem.. if you are thinking of bringing furs to sell..? who knows... the British Customs are a minefield of fun..!


You could easily do an internet search on customs allowances etc etc..


good luck..




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You'll be fine. We aren't like you Ozzie's when it comes to importing things because of our ecosystem (our's is pretty much destroyed by over population, and vermin like grey squirrels so there's no point in worrying).


As Brandy said, customs can create fun and games at times, but that is only if you are buy from aboard. Because this is your own property, there is no reason for them to kick up a fuss.


I regularly buy from abroad. If I get stuff from the US I do try and get sellers to mark the price down a little (I found $100 is the threshold before they start imposing charges if it's marked as a gift). Imports from the EU won't be subject to customs if you do plan to buy furs online and import


Hope the relocation goes smoothly. I have to say I do wonder why you want to leave such a great country. Anyway, don't be afraid to wear your fur, while there are lots of PeTAphiles, I never have had any hassle from them.

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