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Furriers in Germany?


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Hello all,


I'm visiting Germany and was wondering whether anyone knows where I should go if I want to find a few furriers.


Is Berlin the place to go as it's the capital, or am I better off in the major cities from the former West Germany, like Munich, Frankfurt, Bonn?




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Thanks alpacart - if you could, that would be very helpful.


I am only visiting Berlin. I am there now, and I leave on Monday.


I looked up furriers on the website 11880.com and have spent the last 2 days going all over the city looking for furs!


Most of the addresses seem to be residential - possibly incorrect information, or very small businesses. I only found about 6 actual retail furriers. I have been looking specifically for sable, as I have never seen or felt it before. Only 3 of the furriers had any sable.


I will post details of what I found in Berlin later if it's of interest to anyone.

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