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Wow! Recent Positive Press on A College Campus


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I assume that Gabrijel Gelic is the student who wrote this great article. I just hope she doesn't get flooded with the usual petatripe responses. I wonder if responses are limited only to IU students?

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I love the line "you can always catch a plane to NYC and get a couple (or five) fur pieces at Barney's".


YOU who are paying $50,000 per year for tuition, room, board and fees at the Kelley School of Business or somewhat less at Indiana University Bloomington.


Bloomington? Try Bloomwood.


Becky Bloomwood.

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In my experience, most college girls are prone to following fashion trends sheepishly, without questioning. If one of them deviates from the norm, all others question and ridicule her as if they are living in a medieval community. Hence, congratulations to the author of this article who is not afraid to speak her mind.

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right on.


these days it's the north face fleece (i was recently given one as a gift...by a family member who doesn't know me personally) and ugg boots. over and over and over. and miss stigma kappa, don't tell me you're against fur when you're wearing sheepskin on your feet. while the company, ugg, makes some nice (and soft) footwear...their girls' sheepskin boots, in the tall and short versions, are so ubiquitous that they've become merely a sign someone wants to fit in. it's one trend that won't die even after five or six years. cameron diaz started wearing them in the los angeles heat around 2002, and they remain the ultimate way to broadcast "i am too lazy to be original even if i can afford multiple pair of $200 boots in multiple colors".


and to think those things used to be worn by surfers in australia apres-surf.


i vote for the rabbit coats to come back for the college girls...bigger this time, eh? twenty years ago they looked like hookers.



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