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White Fox

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The Fur Den takes great pride to announce....


Folks, many of you will remember that Tryxie told us a good while back on the old site of how she was involved in a paper about the history and morality of Furs. I believe it was Off and Furelli who asked me a long while back if we could have that posted here. Our problem was to find a way to get the paper here and posted in the proper form and all. Well folks, we beat that problem, and it is coming!


It is here on site right now. However, if I move it to where it is visible it will show as my post and I do not want that! Tryxie has done a great job of this and it should be her that posts it.


When she gets a chance you will see it on the Favorites Forum listed on a new thread called "Special Member Contributions". I believe that it will be in two parts.


Now the Favorite's Forum is very, very different from other forums here. It is extremely important that we keep the number of threads and posts there to a minimum, so it is important that you place comments to Tryxie in the Den Forum here either under this thread or a new one.

***Please DO NOT REPLY UNDER HER MESSAGE as your post will have to be removed.


I very much want to thank Furelli and Touch for bringing this to our attention. (I hope I have the right people here.) And above all I want to thank Tryxie for sharing this. I am sure that you agree that it is very well done.


White Fox

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Tryxie's paper is now available in the Favorite's Forum. I hope that everyone will take the time to read it. It is very well done and I think everyone here will enjoy it.


Please post any replies to it on this forum.


Thanks again Tryxie...

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