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books find - what the heck?


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They must think furriers are very wealthy


That's an outrageous price, regardless of the information.


They try and pull that crap on Architects all the time.We are all extremely wealthy too



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I have read an article on the author of these books. He is an economics professor, if I remember correctly, and he has found a way to "automatically produce" thousands of books. He has a few assistants, but the process is largely automated. He compiles information from the internet and various other sources, and then publishes these books on an "on demand" basis. If you enter his name as the author, or just click on his name in one of the given links, you will see that there are more than 80 thousand books by "Philip M. Parker." The first hits may belong to some other, real Parkers, but those published by Icon Group International are definitely my Parker's. If you search for the publisher, you will see nearly 180 thousand works listed in amazon.


Most of these books have not even been printed yet. As publications, they only exist on paper. Actually, they do not exist on paper at all, they only have a virtual existence. If you happen to be one unlucky customer, lured by the title, they will print a copy, bind it and send to you.


This is an example of "long tail" that has become profitable in the internet age. If he sells even one copy, he stands to make a profit. If not, he loses very little, because he does not have any storage, inventory, or advertising costs.

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Kostas, I agree. To me you cannot automate sentiment. And that is what makes a true author be it fact or fiction.


By the way. If that is the price of a paper back, I wonder how much that a hard copy costs!

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