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Traveling to New Zealand


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Hi Kiwis! I will be in Aukland on Tuesday Sep 23rd, Rotorua the 24-25th, Wellington the evening of Friday the 26th and all day Saturday the 27th, Christchurch Sunday evening the 28th and all day Monday the 29th, Queenstown the evenings of Tuesday Sep 30 and Wednesday Oct 1 (cruise Milford Sound during the day the 1st), and all day Thursday Oct 2, Franz Josef the 3rd and then take the TransAlpine back to Christchurch for the evening of the 4th, and morning of the 5th, then fly back to Aukland for the evenings of the 5th and 6th (cruise the Bay of Islands during the day the 6th), and finally fly home to California the 7th. I would love to meet any fur and/or fuzzy sweater lovers in New Zealand who would like to meet me at any of the cities I mentioned in my itinerary. I will have angora and mohair with me and some fur. I will take my laptop with me. Are there lots of wifi hotspots in NZ? So if you want to meet, reply message here, or PM me or email [email protected]. I also intend to rent a cell phone when I get there. I'll let you know the number when I get it. I sure hope I can meet some of you!!

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