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Labor Day been and gone...


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...and so the time for getting our old (beloved) friends out of storage gets closer and closer! Wow! The summer seeems to have gone so fast, doesn't it? Well, there are soon going to be compensations, I daresay...


That's all! Just a passing thought, folks.

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It has cooled off here in the upper midwest. I wore my faux mink coat last week for the first time this season (it was the earliest I have ever worn fur !).


I took my faux mink to the dry cleaner today for the first time (I'm embarrassed to report it's a couple of seasons old and has never been dry cleaned). When I asked for an estimate of the cost to clean the coat, after the lady examined the coat and began searching the computer for a price she asked (almost as an afterthought) "it is real fur, right?".


Yee Haw. I always thought the coat looked remarkably "real" ... The lady's comment confirmed it.

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Yep! We'll be getting our fur coat out of storage pretty soon, too! It'll be fun! Can't wait!


Hey! By the way... I hope everybody had a good Labor Day. (in the US)

Did anybody do anything special this year? Or did you all have the regular cookouts and picnics?


I put up a fifteen foot wide movie screen on the back wall of my garage and borrowed a digital video projector from work. I hooked up the DVD player and we showed "Mini Drive-In" movies every night in the garage. It was cool.


Now that summer is officially over, I've got to get back to work... Showing real movies... Indoors.

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I like the mini drive-in idea. Cool, indeed.


I toured a couple of historical places within two hours of home over the holiday weekend. I'd been wanting to visit them for some time and finally got off my duff and did so. Both proved well worth the effort.


As I mentioned previously, it cooled off here after the holiday. On a chilly evening last week I wore my faux ranch mink coat to the theatre. I plan to wear it to the theatre again this weekend if the forecast holds true. It's perfect for 30 - 50 F weather.


I picked up my faux mink coat from the cleaners today. I've had it for over two years and this was the first time I'd had it cleaned. It came back looking great. The sleeves had become a little wrinkled/worn looking (from wearing it) but they're smooth as new now. For those Denizens who own faux fur ... Don't be afraid to follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions!


I will start picking up my real fur coats later this month ... Picking up a couple coats ever few weeks will ensure they're all home for the holidays.

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It's been in the mid to low 50's at night all summer as usual. Fine for my lighter fur spreads.


Still in the mid 60's to 70's in the day.


Life in the NW is so difficult


Cool weather soon in the day



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We have just had rain and more rain in the U.K.


Not really fur coat weather.. but things are definately turning towards winter...


which means lots more fur photo work for me...







p.s. What is labour day ???

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