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Web Radio Classical

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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When I'm working on the computer I listen like everyone else I suppose.


If you have fiber optic cable it's particularly nice without too many interuptions. Depends on your computer somewhat.


Two Web Radio Sites with lots of stations, not all classical even.





Favorite Stations of mine:


WCPE Ralegh, NC One of the best anywhere.

WGUC [my old College Station in Cincinnati]

WHRO [my old home town]

KPBS Portland, OR

Antena 2 Lisboa, Portugal

AVRO KLASSIEK Hilversum, NL [baroque channel]

BBC Radio 3

Klara Brussels, Belgium

OperadiO Oswaldirk, York, GB

Radio Swiss Classic Bern, Switzerland

KPLU Tacoma, WA best all Jazz station anywhere. Have to GOOGLE.


You can GOOGLE any of these direct but the two Web Radio sites makes it so easy.


Listening to AVRO right now. Most of these are non-commercial with little talk.



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Just a note for those with a download limit per month: streaming radio will use up a lot of it.


Interesting list, OFF. How did you find them all? Is it just from searching on the internet, or have you spent time in all the countries?

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It's my way of travel.


Just searching the internet. A few I'm very familiar with like I grew up with WHRO, went to college with WGUC and listen to KPLU every day onmy car radio like I do KPBS when I go to Portland.


The rest are from searching and listening and there is a world out there.



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As this is an international meeting place, perhaps others could recommend stations from their country? I have to admit that on a daily basis I don't stray much from the BBC (mainly Radio 1 because I like to keep abreast with the latest music, and because I have a pet hatred of local radio).

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