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Yakut cowboy

Guest touchofsable

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www.arcticphoto.co.uk/gallery2/arctic/p ... 020-07.htm


notice sealskins and furs (edit:actually its horseskin and furs...nevertheless the regions native people do rely on sealskin/meat too as a product)


the horse is prehistoric and unrelated to modern horses. Its unique.

People like him produce 2/3 of Russia's fox and 90% of the sable.


When I fight PETA, its not just because I like fur. Its because I believe in his culture and defending the planet from the west's mass production and global corporations: the ones that fund PETA etc.


These people are animists. They worship animals. They and their fur trade are the ultimate conservation force.


Paul Mccartney is not fit to lie in the shadow of this mans horse.

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thanks for sharing that pic and all the info you do about these great tribes that deserve massive respect from all. that is about the toughest looking horse i think i've seen! great!

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Indeed Miss Theresa.

But people like PETA should have this image thrust down their throats every time they open their mouth.

A recent study of the break up of centralised economy on Yakutian bio diversity cites that as the area already provides 90% of minerals oil and gas wealth to the Russian states, and that the pressure to provide more for export to the west is high, there is a clear conflict on the horizon.


The report cites an empahasis on a "New Traditionalism" as key to managing bio diversity as crucial, which is happening.


Take away the academic crap and what that means is that if they are succesful at becoming economically independant through trade in traditional materials (FUR) there is chance for conservation of bio diversity. PETA and its paymasters in global mass production corporations arent going to like that.


In real terms from our point of view is that we should attempt to buy yakut fox and sable, and anytime anyone criticises fur we should take the moral high ground.

And in terms of fur to youse guys what does it mean. Let me quote you a beautiful girl Blackfox and I know, from Yakutia:


"This fox is very nice but not the same as Yakut fox. I cant tell you enough how this cannot keep you warm there in minus 69 degrees. When you touch Yakut fox, your hand is trapped by the thick dense softness of the fur. Simply , it is the best fur."


I then showed her an incredibly thick yakut fox hat and she smiled, eyes lighting up. Yes she says "it IS".


The big problem is for the area is that while the new traditionalism offers hope, trade routes may break if the west does not embrace fur from the region. It is the best fur. They dont got sable fur nothin'


also go to www.arcticphoto1.co.uk/gallery2/arctic/ ... /yakut.htm


and for a western perpective on the horsemanship, note at the bottom the fox farm reference, go to www.thelongridersguild.com/yakuts.htm

Seems perestroika wasnt all good; and that we depserately need to support them so the whole thing doesnt collapse.

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I found a pic of the Yakut model Sardana Koryakina in fur. My Russian friends go on about her a lot, but I guess the references on the net would be in Russian. A major problem when trying to buy fur from Yakutia too.

However you can always ask a furrier the source of furs. Often even in Greece many furs will be Yakut. Ours come through Estonia....but they deal with scandinavia too of course, so generally and sadly prefer to pretend they are Saga. Nothing wrong with Saga of course; very good standard of animal husbandry on their farms.


Maybe I am spelling her name wrong.....it just may be translated wrongly into english

Anyway, the reference:



scroll down for a gorgeous pic. ENJOY!!!!

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It's my belief that the picture of Sardana is the pearl amongst the oysters in this bunch, not to say that she's unattractive just to say that I prefer pearls to seafood.


In any case, her look, what I've always thought of as a "tribal look," is quite intriguing and does well to reflect her people as well as accentuate her body.


Thanks for spending the time finding this for us to look at, TOS.



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You should see the wide diversity of ethnic groups in Yakutia.

To quote my friend Blackfox, on the girl from Yakutia I was talking of, ("R")earlier on the thread:

Well claire is a fantastic model, and wears the furs so well, but "R" is more breathtakingly beautiful in the furs, and sexy with it."

She knocked his socks off.


Some of these women look like visitors from another planet so unreal is their beauty. The problem is most documentary photographers who go out there pick up on the characterful faces....as they do when shooting on the streets in New York. My image of NY would be homeless leather skinned scruffy alcoholic down if I didnt remember the eighties. Its just what photojournalists do.


So open your mind everyone to these beautiful peoples, and certainly the wonder of their lands and furs, and their appreciation of nature.


Blond hair and blue eyes do not beauty make: its a lowest common denominator.

The other photos like the angel one agreed are not good...they are trying to make her look like Tatu or something.




Er....this sounds like I am getting at you which is not intended at all Kate...

its more that I think Sardana is totally stunning, and cant see why people cant see it. So its a defence of her and them not an attack on your comments which were actually generally positive and I thank you for them.


Anyone else got shots of her?

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I didn't take your comments to be an "attack" on me at all, actually.


The pictures of her just didn't stir much of an interest, really, apart from the rather good one in fur. The angel photo and the rest had a sort of unappealing look to them for me, whereas the fur picture mostly appealed to my enjoyment of fur. The outfit made the girl for me, rather than vice versa.


The blond haired blue eyed ideal is, to me at the least, a less than ideal ideal as well. *shrugs*


Nonetheless I have enjoyed the photos, of native and girl, and hope you continue to work for our enjoyment TOS finding these intriguing pics.



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While youre having a look at those arctic photo sites, check out the reindeer racing and traditional sheared fur dress at the Sami click on on the side.


Then to see Cree fur trappers try www.arcticphoto1.co.uk/gallery2/arctic/ ... 093-18.htm


and if its beauty you want, and again this should take your breath away, and make any PETAphile deeply embarassed and ashamed, go to:


www.arcticphoto1.co.uk/gallery2/arctic/ ... 046-35.htm


That photo alone should be a sticky as it demonstrates that fur procucing peoples have a deep respect for nature and an affinity with it that PETaphiles could never understand.


See it and know like me that everything you have felt all your life about fur and animals and nature being so right indeed is. Feel your heart swell

when you realise that by supporting fur you keep the wilderness free from developers, and keep animals safe forever.



Can we have this Native fur thread as a stickly please mods.....just to show anti fur spies that come here the reality of the lives they are trying to destroy.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just putting the Yakut cowboy back on top of the agenda. PLEASE can we have a native fur/ environment protection through it sticky mods?


This yakut cowboy should stick in the throat of PETAphiles. It is he and his people who bring us the best quality fox and sable in the world.

It is his people who worship and offer salvation to the Tiger.

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why hasn't there been a reply to the request for a "sticky" on the native people's issues? it has been asked many times, and i agree this should be more important.

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errrrrr. I hate to push it but is it possible to put the links in under "Links" too?



For the many visitors here these are important. Both for the antis that may wake up to the lies, and to the people who feel guilt about fur, and to future designers, and purchasers of fur etc etc.


Above all it shows fur defends habitats.



Thankyou Piotr and miss Theresa.



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Touch, rather than that I have a suggestion to make it easier for us. I am going to make a thread titled "Native Links" and you can post them in there. Then, it is easier for AK to get them without a lot of work. And they will not be congested by other posts.


One thing. It is Extremely important that you post the link. And beside it describe exacly what it is a link to. And lastly try it to make certain that it does work. It is not fair for AK to have to do this for every link.




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