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Old Stories from Melody

White Fox

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Just wanted to let you know that I goofed. Man, Mr B, I did it again! The French stories from our old stories forum have been posted for quite awhile and I did not let you know.


The French stories are posted at the following Link now. This link will also be available shortly in our Links section under the title "Stories".



I want to thank the furclub for posting these stories for us on their site. They have been so very helpful with us here and I have to thank them so much for that!


There are a few more English stories yet waiting for a home but I hope to have that home confirmed this weekend yet. I will let you know. Many though already are posted on one of the sites listed in our stories section.


Just thought you would like to know how we are progressing there. We have had some real holdups, but we are indeed getting there now.

White Fox


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Hi just read your message in this forum, I'm a little late these days but be sure that english strories are going to be online ASAP !!



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