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Great purchase experience


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I had to recommend an eBay fur store that I recently did business with. Perhaps you've seen it -- BURDBRANE'S FANTASTIC FURS




The owner is Martha, and she assisted me in finding a terrific raccoon jacket at a great price off-eBay. her service was wonderful and she must have spent the better part of the day emailing me back and forth describing, measuring, and even modeling and sending pictures of the jacket within an hour of me inquiring.


I urge you to add her to your "FAVORITE SELLERS" and keep an eye on the merchandise she offers throuhout the year. Send her a note and let her know you saw her mentioned on the FurDen. She is the type of merchant we all value. She has indicated an interest in participating in the forums -- all she needs is a little nudge.


Her email is [email protected]


Thanks. I'll post pictures when I get the jacket.. It's huge!

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In my many excursions onto Ebay, I have seen her store and I think have even bid on one or two of her items in the past. As a "Power Seller" with a 99.3% positive feedback rating, she certainly has established herself as a reputable seller. Now she has recommendations from two of the most respected members of this community.


I certainly hope she does come and visit our little corner of the world. I just sent her an email, extending our welcome.


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Glad you did that, FrBrGr.


I cannot remember if I told her of our site. I believe I did. It was several years ago, though.



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I have added her to my 'favorite sellers list...


what a find.. great furs and a helpfull seller...


How are you RonGav?


I haven't heard from you for a while...





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