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Fur on UK TV

Guest furelli

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No it's not required viewing, but caught a trailer for ch 4's "Beauty & the Geek" & one of the beauties was sporting a fake fur hat & coat. Worth a tape & happy to report, the blonde I saw wasn't wearing any fur BUT 2 of the others did on last night's opening show, one with suede & fur collar & the best another wore a silver fox jacket, maybe more to come & the program will more n likely be ® on E4 during the week?

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& there's more


Mayo On a Sunday night 8PM on BBC1 has seen the Blonde Teckie wearing a couple of Fur trim coats this last two weeks, the weather's getting colder on set so might get lucky in the next couple of episodes

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Ok so here's this weeks fur video opportunities........?


City Heat - Madeline Khan in long White Fox Fur Coat

Tonight on ITV 3


Rocky V - Talia Shire? in White fox Stroller

Tonight on Sky 2


The Edge - Elle Mc Pherson in Red Fox

Monday on ITV4


Desperate Hours - Kelly Lynch in Mink Stroller

Friday on ITV4


Feel free to add anymore anyone.....?

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