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The Lovely Kelly Brook with white fox stole


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Kelly Brook has always been able to catch my eye, I don't see pictures of her very often as she does TV work , which is not shown in Iceland. However there are several spectacular fashion publicity images of her in the gallery.


This is a glamourous set of Kelly arriving at the British Broadcasting awards:

cff_kelly_brookbritish_academy_television_awards_2008_arrivals01_122_1127lo.jpg cff_kelly_brookbritish_academy_television_awards_2008_arrivals07_122_786lo.jpg cff_kelly_brookbritish_academy_television_awards_2008_arrivals08_122_880lo.jpg cff_kelly_brookbritish_academy_television_awards_2008_arrivals20_122_711lo.jpg cff_kelly_brookbritish_academy_television_awards_2008_arrivals01_122_1127lo.jpg cff_kelly_brookbritish_academy_television_awards_2008_arrivals02_122_792lo.jpg cff_kelly_brookbritish_academy_television_awards_2008_arrivals21_122_828lo.jpg cff_kelly_brookbritish_academy_television_awards_2008_arrivals04_122_994lo.jpg cff_kelly_brookbritish_academy_television_awards_2008_arrivals12_122_670lo.jpg


Now that's a celebrity in fur !!



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You should have kept the secret!


BTW: Those pics are over size.

Do you have thumbnail versions? If not you can just change them to plain links instead.


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