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Fur used by music stars...


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The 80's kids will be running the governments soon.. oh no.. we will all be wearing flannel suits with the sleeves rolled up and no socks.. just deck shoes....like Don Johnson..!!!!


Where will the fur be then???/


ha ha haha





Funny you should mention that!


The movie we're playing this week is "This is England".



Just think! In another 10 years' time these kids will be getting old enough to take on positions of responsibility and, another 10 past that, they'll probably be in charge!

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"This is England.."


Oh dear... not a good representation of what the British Common thought process in the 80's really was about...


It obviously follows a singular theme..and in a way scares me a little that these young ' yobs ' as we call em..!.. will indeed one day grow up to hold positions of power...


if they of course ever finished school and earned an education..





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I didn't think the movie was great. It isn't bad.

It's just not "Gone With the Wind", as they say.


Nor do I think it fairly portrays the whole of English culture of the time. It's more like a snapshot of a particular place and time. There certainly will be a few of the old yobs who grow up and take positions of responsibility but I find it hard to believe that there will be very many 40-50 year old men with crosses stamped on their foreheads and "Love - Hate" tattooed on their knuckles who, as you say, earned enough of an education to make it that far.


What I found most interesting was the first scene of the movie, during the opening credits, where they showed all the old TV clips taken from the 1980's.


All the teen aged girls with pancake makeup and purple hair, wearing their underwear on the outside! And, like you said, all the boys wearing grey suits and hats with narrow black neckties and Doc Martens boots with their pants rolled half way up to their knees!


THOSE kids are growing up right now! They are waiting in the wings as we speak!

In another 10 years, we're going to see them beginning to infiltrate into positions of responsibility! Perish the thought!


What will they and the generations coming up behind them think about fur?

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Wasn't the 80's the start of the real push for anti-fur and anti-hunt protests in the Uk?


If it was then perhaps the future of fur is doomed in the uk?


What we need are some extremem winters.. fur would soon come back into fashion through necessity!


I was in another country throughout the 80's and didnt return to the UK until the 90's.. so my knowledge if the Uk fashion is vague..





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I absolutely agree that rappers, black athletes and other performers wear furs both to gain attention, show off their new found success, and be a bit outrageous in the process.


The association of men's furs with rappers is common connotation nowadays. It's an image that's repeatedly promoted in the published media.


Also, go to WEBSHOTS and check out all the pictures of "kids" (under 35) wearing a fur coat, giving gang signs and referring the coats to their "pimp coats". Specially the girls. I've always felt that their poses and photo labels were out of embarrassment -- trying to rationalize their enjoyment of wearing their coat in the photo against the implied P.C. message we all are smothered under.


Oh for them all just to be honest and have fun --- enjoying their fur for the soft, warm, sensuous qualities we all know. I know that's what they're wishing inside.


Now -- where is my "50 cent" chinchilla jacket?

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