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I Went to visit a friend who was working at my local Blockbuster Video in Knutsford, Cheshire this evening.

While they were busy on the counter, I had a walk around the store. A guy came in (notorious Muppet!) followed by his wife. I see plenty of faux gillets and coats etc, but was unprepared to go totally weak at the knees and suffer severe dry mouth when she walked into full view wearing a sensational Lynx stroller . The sight of real fur when you have been fed on Faux for so long is an experience to be savoured!


Oh how I envy people in places like Canada who don't have to wait this long to see the real thing.


Plus, she gave me a wonderful smile and thanks when I complemented her on the beautiful coat, and I heard her tell her husband, 'See, I told you wearing it wasn't a bad idea!'

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Was at Bluewater (Huge shopping centre just outside London for non Brits) yesterday and to my delight I saw a mink gillet and just as i was leaving a blue fox, although i must say the fox looked about 20 years old (coat not the woman wearing it unfortunately)


As one of my favourite bands once sang. It's gettin better all the time...


just very very slowly

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good sahow at our local point to point today with one lady in the most incredible long black cross mink with huge crystal fox sleeves and front. A reall stunnin coat. Also a mouton, a mink jacket, dozens of real gillets, a couple of rabbit furs, about 40 fox/sheepskin hats, and a red fox jacket 3/4 length.


So yes its getting better all the time.

Then in the pub after a friends and and his wife came in. She just had a t shirt, and very unusual jeans jeans tucked in to blue suede boots. But she is incredibly gorgeous blonde and very outgoing. She said to me at the bar, "give me that coat now!!!" It was just my covert coat with silver fox collar and she put them both on and struck up some awesome poses with me requesting I shoot her. Got some great shots. She is only early twenties and a teacher; and says she absolutely loves fur......


Her husband was really cool with it and says she is like that all the time!!!!


But the point is things are indeed, chaging very quickly and as more are brave enough to wear them so others come out of the woodwork. And the young which is great.

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I work in a small suburb of a fairly large city. While i was in the bank today a lady walked in wearing what i initially assumed was fake fur. How ever it was actually a suede effect winter jacket with a fox collar. The coat was chocolate brown and the collar slightly lighter and it was large!


I did not want to stare too much and i was with a colleague at the time. We followed the lady out and i saw that the back of the collar stood up about six inches from her shoulders and folded back down; a little like the style of the 20's.


For those who have read my other posts; the wind blew the fur around. It quite set my heart aflutter!!!

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Yes its a wonderful thing just going to the store and seeing real fox and such makes groecery shopping exciting ..............

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