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A Word of Congratulations


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The new look for The Fur Den is, in a word, great! " title="Applause" />


I know that changes of this magnitude take a huge amount of thought and discussion, not to mention work.


Kudos to all who were involved! " title="Applause" />

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I concur with Da Burger.


" title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" />


P.S. The Smileys are much more convenient in the new board format!

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The forums may look new, but I am feeling old. And tired


I'll bet! Thanks for all the work AK. It seems your workload never lets up.



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Thanks too, AK. We're sitting here merely reading while you develop some sort of carpal digital fatigue or something. Your efforts are much appreciated... " title="Applause" />

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Thank all of you taking part in the big upgrade for spending your time in favour to all den members !!


I bow before you since you did it with really the minimum downtime.





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Just a quick update.


We have some work to do yet to get the main part of the Library back on line. You can actually see it if you wish though by clicking on "Links" and then "The Library" on the side bar. There are also some small issues as well with some different things. However, I am not sure if you have noticed how much quicker that it is to "Save" a posted message now. On the old site it was taking ages once you pressed that "Save" button. Now it is fast.


Once the LIbrary is back on we will be doing some work with the Gallery. Now we are "working on the old system" so to speak. We need to get the coupling mechanism working there. Hopefully that will be finished before the next 30 day resync. Last of all will come chat.


So, all is returning. Please be patient. We will get there. We knew that this would take awhile. We wanted to wait longer to make the total conversion even quicker, but we knew how badly that the posting time problem was frustrating members. Now that we are on track to getting that fixed, hopefully all will go well for a long, long while again here.



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Bravo, kids!


I love it!


Not only is the design very 21st century...that horrid Esbardu green color is history!


I couldn't be happier.


Now if I only had time for fur-fun anymore...





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