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Brandy Meets the Fur Machine!

Worker 11811

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Do you remember about a year ago when I made my first "Fur Machine" video?




It was a lot of fun making that video and I remember you guys had a lot of fun watching it, too!


So... I've decided to do it again!... Only this time it's BETTER!


It's longer... It shows what happens INSIDE the machine!


And, best of all... It's got Brandy!


So here it is!!


Brandy Meets the Fur Machine!

Starring Brandy-UK!


>> Click HERE to view! <<


I hope you enjoy watching it as much as Brandy and I did while we were making it!


Many thanks to Brandy for all her work! May we please have a round of applause for Brandy?! " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" /> Without her help, this would not have been possible!


For more compatible or lower bandwidth versions click on one of the links below:


>> Compatible Version: HERE. <<

(MPEG-1 version for viewers who have issues reading MP4 format videos.)


>> Low Bandwidth Version: HERE. <<

(For dial-up users. Requires Quicktime. H.264 format.)


>> Full Screen Version: HERE. <<

(For DSL/Cable subscribers. Requires Quicktime. H,264 format.)

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Well if we go in with a crappy fur coat and come out with that full length silver fox - count me in.....looks good.



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I am still laughing my butt off.... such over acting and such fun.. it is like a true Terry Gilliam movie epic from Monty Python..


well done Worker 11811





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You don't have to be wearing anything when you go in!

But, when you come out you have fur.

Keep your old fur. Have some fun! Get a new fur!


Thanks again, Brandy. It's fun making crazy movies with you!


And it's also a lot more fun when people like watching them!


I'm pretty tired from making this one. It took a couple of weeks of work just to conceive and create the virtual "world" of the Fur Machine. Then it took the better part of a day to do the final rendering. (Creating the 3-D animation from the computer program.) I had to create and edit the beginning and end titles. Each of those took about an hour to make once I had the concept set in my head. It took several more hours to get all the animation, live video, music and sound effects together and edit them into the final product. Then, when that's all done, the movie had to be encoded into viewable videos in several different formats so that everybody can download and watch them.


Most people don't realize how much work it takes to do something like this, even when the final product is just one minute long. It's a lot of work but it makes me happy when people enjoy watching it.


Give me a little time to recharge my creative batteries and, if you like, I can do more little movies like that.


BTW: If you don't already know, Brandy takes suggestions. That's the whole reason she was able to help me make this movie!

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Hey Guys..


Come on.. worker 11811 has created something very special here.. lets have a few feedbacks and comments....please..


lots of people have looked... but few have said anything...


Lets give him some feedback and support..




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I agree. That is a great little video. And creating something like that is not easy! The two of you have done a fantastic job on it!



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First chance I've had to watch it. I have always fantasized about such a machine, and even moreso, being put in one. Now I have a clearer idea of what that would be like . . . *faints*


Good job, Worker. Quite a lot of work there. And my compliments on your choice of a "victim!"

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