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Some great pictures.


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I went on a trip with a professional nature photographer one time for a month spending about 20 days in the back country.


He was telling me his theory about photos like that.


He said that to begin, you need to develop a whole lot of know how on how to take photos like that. How a camera works. How exposure works. etc.


Then, you need to be able to see a photo quickly. To know if there is really a photo in "That" particular spot.


The next part is interesting. He said then there is a whole lot left that is pretty much "Luck". You take a thousand photos. Out of those photos maybe there are 300 that are really quite good. Out of those 300 there are maybe 5 that are spectacular. And probably those are things that happen out of your control.


For instance, he spoke of a time he had a camera set to take a photo of a sunset as I recall. But he was using the camera on remote control. Exactly where he had his camera pointed a herd of wolves came over the brim of a hill and he was able to see them coming in time and shoot at the precise moment. And got that one absolutely spectacular photo. He mentioned how that happens so often. And almost without fail those are his best photos. Pretty much all due to luck, but with one huge amount of know how in the background to make use of that luck.



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