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Should I or shouldn't I consider buying??


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Hi folks...


Recently I ran across an individual that has run into some financial trouble and has 2 coats for sale, seemingly pretty reasonable. One is a full length dark ranch mink, pretty standard tuxedo collar and sleeves, male pelts, 50 inches long, 38 in chest, 60" sweep. This coat felt a little heavy but I attributed it to the male pelts. The other coat is a hip.stroller length hooded muskrat jacket with 60in sweep and 38 chest. The wife of the person who was asked to sell the coats looked stunning in this jacket (and became somewhat fond of it herself) and the pelts were very soft and supple...very lovely and would be functional for any occasion. Both coats were bought from the local furrier and both appear to be no more than 5 years old at the very most...and I was told they were purchase only 2-3 yrs ago... Both were properly stored and maintained according to the seller. I'm surprised though that there are any male pelt coats being sold this far south though.


I know this is not a lot of information to go by, especially after reading some of the other threads from this forum, but from what I've seen so far the purchase of the coats looks fairly promising. I think I can get the pair for somewhere between $1100-$1200...If all the information I've assessed so far is factual, doesn't this seem like a pretty good deal??


I confess, I'm a very frugal shopper when it comes to stuff like this but I sort-of sit back and keep an eye for opportunities to come along...I try to be smart especially when buying luxury/material items as it would be nice to be in a position to get my money back out of it should I get in a financial bind or becomes a dust collector in the closet a few years down the road.


Opinions? They look like fabulous coats assuming that they are nearly new like the seller said. Thanks for reading



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Have you met the seller IRL and seen the coats in person?


The first thing I would consider is, "Can I afford it?" The next thing I would ask myself is, "Do I really want them?" Finally I would consider the seller's honesty and the quality of the merchandise.


If the coats are good, $600.00 apiece isn't a bad price, assuming the quality of the goods is all right. Others can help you determine the price/quality issue. I'm only talking about the situation.


Other than that, I would take an extra day or so to think about whether this is an impulse buy or if it's something you really want. Being a fur lover, I'm sure there is SOME impulse involved. After all... It is FUR!

But do make sure you can afford it and don't just buy it because it's fur. Buy because you LIKE the merchandise.


I suspect you're already thinking about that or else you wouldn't be asking this question. Would you?


Do you have any pictures?

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I guess I wasn't very clear in my first post but yes, I did look at the coats in person, yes they were gorgeous coats (the model helped being out their beauty quite nicely)...and my approach isn't so much an impulse buy as it is an investment...whether or not I'm getting a good enough price that I can get a return on the money if need be....which I think is a much better situation than spending 5K on a coat that depreciates and no one will pay near what I paid for it if I have a financial hardship down the road like the seller is going through now. I guess it is kind of like an impulse buy in some ways but one that is escapable down the road...


My bottom line question though, once again, without getting off track: Assuming the coats were recently purchased (say 2-5 yrs ago), given the info in previous post and given the fact that they have been well taken care of, does it sound like a good buy?


I confess that I'm guilty sometimes of impulse buys from time to time simply because it's a good deal and with the notion that I can either find use for it of get a positive return on it down the road. Last fall I bought 2 gorgeous fur trim jackets for $100 apiece with the notion that I'd either find a good home for them (significant other) or do a fundraiser raffle and give away one gorgeous prize, raise money for a great cause and write off the expenditure on my taxes.


Thanks for the response



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Be careful of considering this offer as an investment. Fur being a natural product, it is bio-degradable. It is only a matter of time before the garments will dry out to the point they are not usable. How long that will be is difficult to determine as there are a large number of variables. If you can flex the pelts and they do not feel or sound stiff, then you should be able to use the garments for 5 - 10+ years. If the pelts are a bit stiff, there might be 3 - 5 years of life left with careful use. If the pelts are very stiff, run away from this offer. Your mileage will vary - the preceding is only a very rough guideline.


Worker also made some good points. Be sure these garments are not just an impulse purchase to satisfy your need to own fur.


If the garments are in good shape and the age advertised, then they may be worth $1200, But I think that would be near the top end of the value range for what you described.

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Thanks for the help...


One of the things that I was basing my speculation on is that most of the used minks at the local furriers are going from the neighborhood of $1500-@2000... I realize there is a big markup at the furriers, but assuming the cost of the coat is much less than furrier price for used garments and assuming that the coats are newer than most of the pre-owned garments at the furrier, seems like a promising venture. The pelts of the muskrat coat are very soft and supple, and as I indicated earlier, the look, feel and appearance of this coat far exceeded my expectations. The mink is a little harder to judge b/c some pelt types are softer and more supple than others...but there was absolutely no indication that the pelts were anywhere close to drying and stiffening anytime soon... off to work.....have a great day!!



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It seems like the price is about right, given the type and quality of the goods. You'd pay more if you bought similar merchandise from a furrier or retail outlet. If you are willing to haggle, you might get a few $$ off the price as well.


I assume the seller really does need the money and isn't telling you a story just to make a sale but you would be a better judge of that than I would. You can take that into consideration when you bargain for final price.


Imagine a scale 1-10:

1 = He is telling you a story just to make the sale.

10 = He is desperate for money.


If the guy rates low on the scale you might want to be more aggressive with your bargaining. If the guy rates higher because he really DOES need money, you might consider agreeing to his price. You know... Help a guy out. Right?


You can also consider whether he's a close friend and how much you like the guy. If he's a friend or if you just like the guy you might consider his price. If he's merely an acquaintance or if you aren't particular friendly with him, you might be more firm on your offer.


If I was going to make my own assumptions, I'd say you are an acquaintance with the seller but not a close friend. I'd also say you like the seller, pretty much but nothing out of the ordinary. Given the state of the economy, it's not hard to imagine the guy really needs the money.


Put it all in the pot, stir it up and add a dash of salt...

My answer would be to offer $1,000 and let him "talk you up" to $1,100. If nothing else, settle at $1,150. If you're paying cash-money and not by check, he should be happy to get $1,000.


But DO bargain with the guy, even if it's only for $50. Most sellers EXPECT there to be some bargaining. People will respect you more if you know how to haggle.


I suspect you already know all this and you have a price in mind. Right?


This last thing is just a personal note that I had to watch out for when I was shopping for furs. I had to be sure I liked THIS PARTICULAR fur and that I didn't want to buy it simply because it's fur. I love fur and I'd be happy to have almost any fur but, when it was MY checkbook talking, I had to think twice to be sure I wanted THAT fur above all others.


Again... I think you've already considered that.

You seem to be about two steps ahead of me in that arena.

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Thanks Worker...


I can get them for $1100 but would through in something for the selleer b/c he says he's selling for someone else that is desperate for money. I think he's telling the truth but I am a little skeptical because he hasn't produced any receipts of purchase from the other woman...etc...your last paragraph was spot on...I guess I'm surprised with the quality of the coats and the do look near to new...and also surprised at how nice the muskrat coat looks with the hood....and on a lighter note, and this has nothing to do with whether I'll buy them or not, but his wife looked Stunning in the jacket...great in the mink, awesome in the jacket..guess it matched her hair color, lines, and facial features.


Will stew on it some more...might be a few days now cuz I feel like I've got a severe case of pollen allergies...or worse


Thanks again......



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I think he's telling the truth but I am a little skeptical because he hasn't produced any receipts of purchase from the other woman...


I don't follow you. Are you saying you think the furs might be hot?

Sorry, my feeble brain isn't working well right now... Long day at work.

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