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White Fox

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I seldom hear people making comments about the special sections of video discs. However, just finished watching the one on Shrek 1 tonight, and I love it. So many interesting things in there. The Dance Party for instance is absolutely hilarious. And, the cast interviews are priceless.


On top of that, the actual commentary of the film gives such interesting thoughts of the developers on the steps they take to create a movie like that. They mention on another Dreamworks movie how every one thinks that they make an animation movie and then sync the sound to it. When, they actually do the sound tract as the very first step. Then make the whole thing around that some times recreating the whole movie a number of times until they get the final thing right. Shrek and Monster Inc have some really great areas in their discs if you have never taken the time to go through them. Highly recommend it.


Another rather priceless comment was on the movie Mr McGoriums Wonder Emporium. The child Eric I believe he was called. Made the comment to his mother that he was becoming scared working with one actor as he suddenly realized the guy had made one or two other movies. Yep he was right. The actor was Dustin Hoffman!



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