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Russian Sable During the Cold War


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So I was talking to my cousins partner about her mothers old furs... (which I had the fortune to try on: full length Lynx, fox and many other fur jackets, what a treat! Unfortunately she knew how much they were worth so I didn't get them for free, but I'm on the inheritance list haha)... anyways she was telling me that her mom had had a russian sable fur coat during the cold war and the FBI took it away because it was black market from Russia and Americans weren't allowed to import from Russia or something like that. Has anyone heard of this?

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I believe this would only happen if someone was trying to bring it into the country. Such as flying into USA. The same problem arises now when you have furs that are protected or banned.


I had Persian rugs that I brought back from Middle East. If customs had caught it, I would have had them confiscated.


Would be same for Cuban cigars.



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