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If you have a fur related web site please check the following.


#1. Please check to see if your web site is listed on our Links pages. If it is not, send us the link. Remember that except for a very few cases, sites are on one page only in our links so you might need to check two or three pages to see if it is there. For instance, it might be in "Special Interest", or "Fur Pictorials", in some cases. Remember that if we find your web site is not working when we go to check it, we will not post it in our links!


#2. If your web site is there but you do not have a "Member" logo, please let us know. (These are not used if you use a banner in our links area.)


#3. In some cases you are now allowed to use a banner in our links area to show your site off better. (See Banners by Brandy, and Mailon Furs.) To see instructions on doing this, please see the the top of most Links pages. Also, you can contact any moderator.


#4. If you have a banner, you can also send us a description of your site, etc.


***As always, if you know of sites that are not included on our links pages, we would love to know about them. This project can only improve if YOU as members help us out. Also, if you are looking through our links pages and find a dead link please let us know.


White Fox

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