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What's up everybody?

Gay Furlover here... nice site, nice people, The Fur Den is the whole package in terms of a perfect fur site! Awesome

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Not sure when you joined. Probably you just missed the Gallery update and thus will have to wait til the end of the month to see it. But when you do you will love it as well.


Really glad you like our little home. If we can be of help at any time let us know. Welcome to the Den



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Yes, welcome!


I'm not gonna pose any competition for you if you want to admire dudes in fur. As soon as I figure out it's a man, my interest drops about like when I discover something was faux after all. That doesn't mean you're not welcome here, and I'm glad we've got varied appetites. Now if everyone insisted on full length red fox fur nobody'd afford it, right?





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I have to admit that I have conservative beliefs when it comes to personal lifestyle issues but I ALSO try like hell to leave my personal feelings at the door when I come to the Den.


I'm not attracted to men but that doesn't mean I can't admire another guy's looks. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Before he got elected Governator and turned all flabby.) How about Sylvester Stallone? (Again, in the "Rocky" days.) Both of these guys are (were) good looking men. I certainly do not want to be with them but I often think of being LIKE them. (In terms of physique.)


When I look at a guy in a fur coat, I think much along the same lines. I might like his coat. I might even think he's buff. Do I desire the man? No! But that doesn't mean that others can't.


I can't leave my prejudices behind ALL of the time. I just don't think it's possible for ANYBODY to do 100% of the time... It's human nature. There are days when I have to try like hell to swallow my personal beliefs because I think that it's everybody's right to think what they want, within limits of moral and legal bounds.


There are days when I think I should get the famous quote from Voltaire tattooed on the inside of my eyelids:


"I do not agree with what you say but I will defend, to the death, your right to say it."

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I agree, Worker. I find beautiful people wondeful to look at and admire. But, that is as far as it goes for me, too. I love men!!



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This is a Fur appreciation Forum .. whoever is wearing it and I thing most of the guys here not only admire and love women in furs but aspire to, at some point in their life, to wear fur themselves.


Count me as one of those who has made the trip from hidden fantasy to wearing fur.


again welcome cbernard92





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Id like to throw out a quick "Welcome to the Fur Den sir!" coming from another gay fur fetishist who apparently is running late for class! >_>



Would love to talk sometime though!

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