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Fur on television tonight (UK)


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For anyone who is interested there is a film on BBC2 at 00.50 called "Armored Car Robbery" which features Adele Jurgens in a white fox fur stole. I have never watched it before, but it features in Operagloves.com Vidcaps.

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In case anyone didn't watch the film!!!!


It was pretty bland.


Adele Jurgens appeared for a short time dancing on stage in the stole.


But all considered I thought it stood up fairly well against some of the films that people think of as 'fur' films''; Beverly Hills Madam springs to mind.

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For those of you in Britain, Mr Magoo is on television this Saturday afternoon. I have never watched it but there is a fur scene that i could never download from one of the fur sites (I can't remember which one)

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