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The Ebay Forum is cleaned up every 90 days

White Fox

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You will notice shortly (in minutes) that the Ebay forum is about to shrink.


What is taking place:

You may have noticed our site slowing down lately. There are a number of reasons for this, but one is the number of posts here on our forums. Thus, by getting rid of old posts on some forums we can help this problem out.


Why Ebay and not others:

Posts in Ebay are almost all "Hey, see that photo. What a tremendous coat!" And if you click the link the photo is long gone. Thus almost all old posts on Ebay are of little use for viewing in the future.


How it is done:

We are setting things to delete posts in Ebay after 90 days. We will see how this works. We might shorten that time. We might well lengthen it. Time will tell us what steps to take that way.


How will this affect post counts, etc.

From my experiments this will not affect post counts, etc. You will still have the same count even though those posts are missing.


Other Info

If you have other questions, please ask here, or give Ebay mods a PM or an Email.


Thanks All

White Fox

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