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Anyone Else Heard This?


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I have spoken with two different furriers in the past week and both told me that prices at the Seattle auctions are up ~30% versus last year. One of them told me that I made a smart move buying my mahogany mink jacket this winter versus waiting until next fall.


Speaking of my mahogany mink jacket ... It is terrific. I wore it this past weekend and it was sleek, beautiful, and incredibly warm. Just as I have always suspected ... Mahogany mink rocks!

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the auction was a disaster.

the prices on the blackglamas was 50% up compared to February 2007.

That means that a coat of 4000$ now should be sold 6000$ !!

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here is the report:



Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Strong worldwide demand for Blackglama® and American Legend® mink drove average prices to record levels at today’s auction in Seattle. A collection of 288,158 Blackglama males sold 100% topping at $1,550.00 and averaging an amazing $96.16. This is a 50% increase over February 2007 levels and a full $12.00 higher than the previous record set in 2006. Greece, Russia, and the Hong Kong/China markets dominated throughout the day.

Prices paid for American Legend Mahogany and Wild Type males also advanced 53% and 22% respectively. Buying was widespread with all markets active.


As you can see the Blackglamas hit the roof on record levels!!!

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winter of 2006 was very warm, on of the warmer the last decades. In Moschow it only snowed at January a little bit. Thus, fur sales were very low. Tht means that furriers already have lots of coats in store and would not buy lots of skins to make new, and the prices went down.


This winter was good, fur sales were good so furriers gathered their funds, took orders for the upcoming season and hit the fur auctions.


One more thing is the currency amd the US$ downfall. Those who have gathered lots of Euros, thought it would be cheaper to buy from the US in US$.


Last, the quantities were really small. Its a usual and easy to understand market law: when something is in great demand and stock is limited then prices go up!

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Interesting update on the fur price increase. I read that one of the factors behind the sharp increase in pelt prices this season (up 20 - 50% at the auctions) was "investment" buying by China and Russia -- Not to produce garments (as one might expect) but as a commodity type investment where they hope to re-sell them at even higher prices later in the year resulting in an investment return greater than what they could earn investing via routine financial transactions. Apparently China and Russia are flush with cash (from sales of Chinese manufactured goods and Russian oil) and doing some creative things to increase their returns. Not sure how big of an impact this is having but I had never really thought of fur as a commodity before ... So found this lil tidbit interesting.

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Back in the late sixties Seattle First National Bank invested heavily in Swiss Chocolates of all the stupid things.


When the commodity prices tanked just those investments almost brought down the bank.


Even when you THINK you know what you are doing in the commodities market you can loose your shirt big time.




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Pelts as a commodity isn't such a bad thing, maybe. But, they are not like gold. Gold doesn't oxidize!!


The weak US dollar certainly is a major contributor.



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things are very worrying...

the prices are still rising

Just read the titles from the just completed NAFA (Canadian auction)


3)NAFA Concludes Most Successful Sale In Its History

2) All Time Record Prices For Black Males

1) Mink Prices Continue To Advance



here are thelinks:





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have it - the rabbit

.. of course Rex for Sex





Hopefully my german understanding for rhymes go well in english ...

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