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(Click the Pic!)


I love the pics of this lynx coat in the gallery. Beautiful coat. (Thanks fur the pic posts!)


I tried on (Canadian) lynx this weekend at a furrier. I was amazed at how lightweight the (beautifully lush) fur was. I want one!



Edit: Worker 11811 -- Added picture link.

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I tried to get larger ones (pictures) from the seller without success.


The Lynx coats I have are light lie that.


I'll take pictures soon of my Lynx lined jacket. It's AWESOME!!


It's not light but not because of the Lynx lining. It would easily work in sub Arctic conditions.




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Click the Pic!


This one (pardon the weak link, Worker!) is, like, totally glam. I really want one now!



Edit: Worker 11811 - Picture link.

(Don't mention it, JG! )

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