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Check out the cross fox in the middle of the picture

Guest freemetolovefur

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I have a similar fox pelt like this I brought for about $50 (inc shipping to UK) about 18 months ago. I've been wanting to use it to trim a leather hood with at some point, but haven't had time to actively find someone in the UK do it for me. Given the fact I'm a student, I also have a slightly limited budget.


If anyone knows anyone who is reasonable in the UK (and is easy to contact by email, as it's not so easy to over see/hear) who can do this and maybe make a removable fur lining for one or two of my leather coats, I would be grateful!

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we work with that fox. If you check our online catalogue you'll see a few collars of that fox. We can also make coats out of them, since the pelts are available.

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