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Hi, I'm new to the site and just wanted to say hello! If any of ya wanna chat or anything, i'd love to, just let me know! I'm really excited about there being this awesome website dedicated to the love of furs!

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Welcome aboard! I hear it's another pretty warm day up in the great state of NJ today. What parts are you from? I used to live in central NJ and work in the Morristown area before my transfer down to Florida.


FLinFL (the artist formerly known as FLinNJ)

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Jersey and all new members:


Some hints:


  • 1. Look under the Menu and try using the search feature and you can find some get topics in our history.
    2. Also under the menu is the Den Archives. There is also great reading and information there from our former site on Melody.
    3. Our furrier's forum has great topics about fur and its care.
    4. You might check out the ebay forum. There is a lot of information about furs there by referencing pictures of different types and styles.
    5. After you have been here for a few weeks you will be able to get into the gallery. We have some of the best pictures of fur on the net

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