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Saga Furs Update


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While I can't really complain because it's all about fur, I have found there seems to be an annoying trend with designers to make really absurd mens designs (i.e. http://www.sagafurs.com/index.php?id=13&g2_itemId=22640). To me that's not fashion, it's more about trying to make a bloke look like a chimp crossed with a clown.


I just find it's a shame because I think it would be so much better if they focused on more practical / wearable designs, something like what Canadaian coats had a few years ago was a great example....





These coats are to me are much better design wise. They are really nice furs, which make bring out the masclinity in the wearer as opposed make them look femine or like monkey / clown hybrid. Not only that, they are functional and way more appealing to a wide range of men (for instance these coats would look good pretty much regardless of age, and build.)

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You're so right!


Most of the fashion world seems to be about people patting each other on the back or trying to STAB each other in the back instead of putting wearable clothes on somebody's back.

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