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Nottingham UK


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The World is improving. I saw a black mink jacket being worn around Nottingham UK yesterday. Such a sight I thought was impossible. Well done to the lady and lets see more in the UK.



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Nottingham is my favourite fur city.In the dark ages(1970 or71) I was met at Nottingham train station by a lady wearing a full length sable coat which she opened (and quickly closed ) to reveal the cutest birthday suitI had ever seen.

I will never forget 24 hours of furry fun in the Albany Hotel.

Oh to be that young again -perhaps with BrandyUK.

Dream on

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I have never been to Nottingham..


I have just come back from a short break at a quiet country retreat....


The local Farmer saw..


' Arctic Fox' going for a wander around the manor house grounds on the first day...


' silver fox' sitting on a swing having pictures taken and then the same swing being used by 'red fox'..


The farmer smiled and walked on...luckily he never saw the muton running around the garden naked with the red fox chasing her that afternoon..


he he he


All will be in picture format soon




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I went away with hubby for a short break in a gorgeous English 'OLD' manor house..


we shot some lovely fur stuff for our sites and made some sexy fur videos for fursluts also.. even a nice little video of me and my girlfriend playing around.....Mmmmmmm


All will be revealed soon





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Thought I'd revive this topic, as I've just moved to Nottingham and it would be nice to chat to other people in the area.


I saw a woman wearing a silver fox jacket last weekend. It was the largest and most luxurious fur jacket I've ever seen: I had to stop myself from staring!


Its a shame you don't see many coats/jackets like that around, but I hope Nottingham has more surprises in store!

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Regardless, its nice to hear there's someone else in the area with a love of fur!


I do not own any furs myself. How did come to start your collection?

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