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Did anybody have fun on Valentine's day?

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Gee! I guess we forgot!

Yesterday was Valentine's day!


Did anybody have fun for Valentine's day?


Yesterday, my wife and I went out Bear shopping.

I got her the requisite flowers and candy but, since we are Teddy Bear collectors, we had to have that special "Valentine Bear".


We went to the Build-A-Bear store and made ourselves a cute pink Valentine Bear. Now we have a Bear born on Valentine's day!


Afterward we went out for dinner and enjoyed ourselves. Then, finally, we went for a drive around the local State Park. (They allow driving on the public roads at night.) We heard on the news that a real bear had been spotted in the park for the first time! Our Bears wanted to go out and see if they could get a photo of their real bear cousin.


We didn't have much luck there!

But it still was a nice drive.


Did you have a happy Valentine's day?

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Valentine's day is THE big Teddy Bear holiday of the year!

All our Bears can be seen spiffing up their fur for days beforehand! It is quite the sight to see.

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