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White Fox

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Well, since I had some extra time tonight I thought that I would make this a "Double". You will see a post here with a favorite "Link" of mine from our Links area. This one is from our Library.


It is a shame our Library does not get more visitors as there is some interesting information there. Did you know that a very tiny portion of the original Den by FrBrGr still exists there? Yep, it does! And, I think that you will find those posts extremely interesting.


It is so great that our Founder FrBrGr thought enough ahead to save these for us. A shadow of a Den that is now long gone. But posts that are still so appreciated today.


I hope that you will love this little corner of our Library. We do hope that you will love looking around there, and indeed even let us know when you see things that should be posted there. We hope that more members in time will even feel more free to post things there etc and that is what we really look forward to. Seeing the shelves filled with "Books" will be so interesting indeed.




White Fox

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