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White Fox

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I have mentioned how I think it is a great idea to let you know of some of the fascinating places and things you can find in our links area. These will almost always be the "little hidden" spots. Not the common ones.


When you click on this one you are going to say to yourself "White Fox, obviously you have lost your mind. WHAT are you directing me here for." However, have a look around.




I think that the idea of this site is fantastic. Indeed just what the industry needs. Working with kids at any time is the key to developing an industry and that is exactly what this link does.


Have a look at the animal tracks page. But remember. The site this time is not that astounding in the normal way. But the fact that it exists, and it's mission is something that I find very interesting. I hope that you will too.


These posts are just something to give you an idea of some of the interesting things you can find in our links area and in our Library. We hope you enjoy them, and hope that the posts will encourage you to explore our Links area, and look through some of the fantastic areas that are linked there. We also ask that every time that you find an interesting fur related link that you let us know. Just forward the link so we can post it in our links area. Folks you can help us to build a fantastic links area on the site. But we need your help to do that!


Again, have fun looking round the Traps4kids web site. I think you will find the concept to be very interesting even though the site itself is not that well done.


White Fox

Site Owner.

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When I was in high school I knew kids who had to go out every day after school to tend their trap lines. I never had my own trap line but, on occasion, I would go out with somebody else who did.


Nowadays, I don't think very many kids know that trapping still exists as a sport. Like it says on the website, most kids probably sit inside all day and play video games.


I see a lot of the same kind of thing going on with other traditional sports like shooting muzzle loaders and black powder guns.


I like to shoot my .54 caliber flintlock but I still get a lot of people who say, "Why do you want to shoot that old thing?"


First off! It's not "old"! They still make flintlocks! My gun is probably only about 10 years old. I bought mine second hand.

Secondly, a .54 cal muzzle loader is just as accurate as a modern .30 cal gun and WAY more powerful! With a maximum load, it can put out over 2,000 ft./lbs. of force! That's theoretically strong enough to move ONE TON of weight!


I think a lot of people think, wrongly, that old technology isn't as good as new technology. I like to see websites like this because they remind us that there are still a lot of things to keep from the past.

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