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You may have noticed that our gallery has a counter which keeps track of the number of visitors.


You may also have noticed that counter recently rolled over 1,000,000!


Yes, folks! Our furry little corner of the internet has seen over ONE MILLION visitors!


According to our website's records, we passed the million mark on:

Saturday, February 9, 2008 at 23:34 hrs. GMT


(That's 6:34 PM in New York City and just before midnight in London.)


When I noticed the count was approaching the million mark I set out on a mission to see if I could tell who our millionth visitor was. It's taken me a while but, after some research, I believe I have found who our millionth visitor was.


Actually, it was a virtual dead heat between two of our esteemed Den Mates! They both hit the Fur Den within a second of each other at 23:34:18.


And the winners are!

(Drum roll, please...)


Den Mate "charlene" was the first to hit the site, followed closely behind by Den Mate, "Velvet Tigress"!


Their hits came so close together that, unless I was sitting at my comptuer, monitoring the website as the events unfolded, I probably could not tell who came first. But I analyzed the system's log files and found that "charlene's" name came first on the list. "Velvet Tigress'" was listed immediately after.


So, it falls upon me to make a judgement call. And, so, I now declare:


"Charlene" is the Fur Den's 1,000,000th customer! :wav:




"Velvet Tigress" is Fur Den customer 1,000,001!:wav:


Would you all, please, join me in congratulating the two Den Mates who have helped make the Fur Den such a success!



Congratulations charlene and Velvet Tigress!



Furry hugs to you both!

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Thank you, thank you, hold the applause just throw money.


Just kidding!


I can't imagine we won't hit two million views before the end of the year, and to add to the other post here (and at the risk of sounding like a PBS donation solicitor) we got to see those pictures for free.


This is this time of year to think about sending a bit of help towards those pictures being up at the end of the year and the end of NEXT year.


I'm working out some stuff RL -which has kept me from coming here as often as I like, or making a donation myself as of late- but I will be back soon and I'll have a donation to make then.


Thanks for the fanfare, again Worker. Some day I'm going to get brave enough to add my picture to the gallery. ^_^



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Way to go both Charlene and VT! Let me add not only my congratulations but my thanks for all that both of you have contributed to our home! Many times we forget to thank those who visit here often and have been with us through the many changes that the Den has seen over the last couple of years - we're very proud and happy to have you both as members.




PS - Kate - We don't mind throwing money, just don't ask us to part with our furs!

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He'll get it done right after I get my Fur Machine working!




It's really good to know that, even if people aren't posting in the forums every day that they are at least visiting the site.


Some days it feels depressing when there aren't a lot of people talking in the forums. It helps keep the spirits up when I see that hit counter ticking away.


Thanks to you and charlene and all the other 999,998 visitors to the Fur Den!


You help make this place what it is!

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