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Oh, me; oh, my...another who knows how to make it look sexy.


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Do yourselves a favour and look at this ebay offering (I love sable!)


#160206989286 -- sorry: you'll have to type in the item number yourselves. I think it's fabulous!


This one looks more like fisher to me; but it is hard to tell. Any ideas?




Thank you, Linda. for alerting us to the financial burden of the website: I intend to do my little bit as, I am sure, will most other regulars.


Cheers, all -- enjoy the cold, those who are here in the east!

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The wise man said: The river wears away the rock not by strength but by PERSISTENCE!


It's not only the big donations that do the job. The little ones mean just as much!


Today, the Fur Den has 1,637 members.

Can you imagine if every member donated just $2.00?


We'd have over $3,200 in the kitty right now!


Don't think your donation is too small, MAINLYMINK!

Think of it as the water in the river!

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