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Being fussed over while wearing your fur?

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The "good" kind of fussing, that is!


The weather in my town is extremely cold right now! < 10º F. (-12º C.) Before wind chill.

(Or should that be "Nice and cold"? )

No matter. It's fur weather, for sure!


Came home from work this evening and my wife told me she wore her fur out shopping this afternoon.


She was in the clothing store, looking for some sweaters, and several people complimented her on her coat and said, "You must be nice and warm in that coat!"


We're always happy to get compliments like that.


But when she took her stuff up to the counter to check out she got some MAJOR fussing from the two sales clerks!


One of them said she was a fur lover and she even knew what kind of fur it was just by looking. The other was shy but she was obviously smitten.


The clerk who was the fur lover said, "Where did you get it? There are no stores that sell furs like that in THIS town!"

(There ARE no furriers left here! Not even a department store. )


My wife told them it was her anniversary present from New York City. Both of them said they were jealous! The one who was the fur lover said, "If MY husband bought me a fur like this, I wouldn't ever stop petting it!"


My wife could tell that they both wanted to try it on so she let them. It took a little coaxing but they both finally gave in.


After several more minutes of fussing and making a commotion in the store, they finished their business and packed up my wife's new sweaters.


She was all smiles when she told me the story.

I wish I could have been there!


How many of you guys and gals get fussed over when you wear your furs out shopping?

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I do!


I was in Chicago Sunday in artic temperatures and wore my full length crystal fox coat. Several people told me they thought I was wearing an incredible coat. One lady offered to take it off my hands if I was too warm (I was carrying it in Nordstrom at the time). I used to get kinda embarrassed when people complimented my furs ... But I have gotten used to the attention and now simply say "Thank you" when someone compliments one of my furs.

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I used to get kinda embarrassed when people complimented my furs ... But I have gotten used to the attention and now simply say "Thank you" when someone compliments one of my furs.
That would also sum up my experience wearing my coyote parka. After 12 years of excessive use it has seen better days, but I still get compliments.
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Indeed, often when you see someone looking at you, you think 'Is this some kind of wacko from an animal rights group?" Then, that person will come over and say "I just had to tell you how fantastic that coat looks on you!" or some such thing. I would not say it happens every time one goes out wearing a coat, but it would be close to that on average. In fact think it might average more than that.



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Out in my iris mink stroller in a small market town near here on a cold bright day at the weekend I was accosted on three separate occasions by ladies admiring and wanting to stroke the fur.


They were all quite young and they may not have had the opportunity to feel a nice fur before.


They all clearly found it quite magical - and it was pretty enjoyable for me as well !

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loving furs;


I guess it would be


My pretty Bank Tellers like to stroke my furs when I come in. I always wear the most strokeable ones of course.




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Actually, my favorite kind of "fussin'" comes from furriers. I have worn my furs while fur shopping and had furriers tell me "That is a beautiful coat" or "That coat looks great on you!". I've also had my custom furs (made in NY) appraised by local furriers and been told that the coats were of superior quality and design and (after I answered their query re: what I paid for them) that they thought I got a great deal.

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This is true about most people but I think most women just like to be fussed over. I know my wife does, even though she won't admit it!


She likes it when you offer to bring her a hot cup of tea on a cold winter evening. She likes it when you offer her milk or lemon or sweetener. And, it's not about the tea or the cups and saucers or anything. She just likes to be paid attention to and fussed over.


And, so, she goes out shopping with her fur coat and she's all warm and cozy while everybody else is freezing in sub-zero wind chill.


The recognition makes her feel special.


I bet four out of five people are like this too, even if they won't admit it.


Consequently, when I first bought her the coat, she hesitated to wear it. She kept saying that she didn't have any place "special" to wear it. But, when she first wore it outside on a really cold day, she realized the coat had utility. When she started getting recognized and complimented she started to like wearing the fur out.


Now that she's getting some real, live fussin', she's starting to look forward to those really cold days when she can wear her coat outside again!


Moral of the story: If you see somebody wearing a nice fur coat, a little fussing probably wouldn't hurt!

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