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White Fox

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Well folks we are gradually progressing with the new links area. By tonight both furriers pages will be finished I hope though that you folks will help me to expand them. That was a humongous task indeed!


***Folks, we have a fantastic Gallery here with 15,000 photos along with one of the best links areas on the net. But we really need your help right now! I think maybe some members do not quite realize the cost of running the Den. With the added space we soon need to purchase, it will take more than $50 per month with things like credit card fees, taxes, etc. just to keep the Den on the air! And without sponsors, we just cannot survive.


Just think how much that it costs for one cup of coffee or one donut per day. If everyone who used this site regularly would sponsor us for even that much it would help us to pay the bills here. We cannot always rely on the same few people to do this. That is just not fair. So we honestly do need your help right now. I am adding my name to that list shortly. I hope you will join me.


We hope that you will think of us soon. We do our absolute best to provide a site for you where you can see one of the world's best collections of fur photos - yes indeed, right here is one of the world's best! We have videos. We have a links collection among the best on the net. A Library totally unknown to other sites with items on fur history, politics, and photography to name only a few.

Above that we have a forum area where you can talk of your obsession or feelings, and do it without harassment from others. Or go to our Pub and just have fun.


We provide all of this for you, and never charge anything for this. We honestly hope that you will help us out just a bit in return. When bills come in like this, we honestly desperately do need the help.


I want to thank everyone so much who has so far donated since the New Den came on the air. I hope that others here will soon realize the significance of what you have done and join me as I join you as one of our Den Sponsors soon.


Thanks All

White Fox


***Added Later. I just noticed Linda's announcement that we have just reached the ONE MILLIION VIEWS mark in our Gallery! Next time you view there I hope that you will think of us.

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