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When we built this place I never in my fondest dreams thought that we would ever reach numbers like that. I figured we would probably have to alternate with maybe a hundred photos at once or so.


Man I am glad that Linda mentioned that just now. 15,000 photos and one million views on almost the same day! This is Unbelievable!!!! Man I am Happy tonight!


White Fox

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I too want to thank everyone who made this feat possible. My thanks especially to Off and all the others (you know who you are) who help maintain the gallery and to all those who've contributed their photos.


Let me stray off topic a bit while on the subject of contributions. There is a cost to keep The Fur Den, and its forums and gallery on-line. While we are determined to keep this site free, we really need the help of our members to defray the expenses of maintaining and updating our home. During our current fund-raising drive, it would be deeply appreciated if you'd consider making a donation to the Den. It's as easy as clicking the "Sponsorship" button at the top of the page, and then following the simple directions. My personal heartfelt thanks to all who've contributed!`



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