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Fur stores in Vienna - Austria


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Hi Kostas


There's quite a few furriers in Vienna. As bluefox said Liska is one - and they have two stores, one is in Hoher Markt which has a large selection and also sell pelts, the other store is on the main shopping street called Graben. That store looks very exclusive but they are friendly and have a great collection including some lovely sables.


There's another shop (can't remember it's name) almost next door to Liska in Hoher Markt, that has a nice collection, mostly minks though, and they also have a small number of pre-owned furs.


There's a shop on Mariahilfer Strasse called Pelzwaren fuss (i think) that has a small collection.


On a street called Opernring is Foggensteiner which has a big collection (the shop has a rather old-fashioned feel to it though).


You can try this link to find more: http://www.yellowmap.at/YM/Poi/Poi.aspx?Zip=101&Town=Wien&CategoryText=Shopping&BC=1940&BranchBC=Pelze&Radius=20000


Hope that helps



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