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A neat little spot

White Fox

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Sometimes we think that people miss the Library here and that is so unfortunate as there are so many very neat little spots there. In the next while I intend to point some of them out. Maybe once every month or two. Someone here (wish I could remember who) once posted that he thought the Library was such an interesting place as it seemed that there was a real and totally unexpected surprise around every corner". That description could not be more on the mark.


This little area I want to point out is in our Fur Information section. You just click on that section, or click here.




Then, when you get there look for"The History of Fur". Click and look for "The story of fur". What you are going to find when you click is an old article written in the early 1900's. Remember this was written in the days of the model T, and when wearing of furs as we know it today was indeed rather young.


It is amazing the area it covers. Telling all about different fur types, to how to Glaze your coat to make it nice looking again. (Caution, do NOT try this today! This was written 100 years ago.)


We hope that through these posts that you will begin to realize just how fascinating this place really could be in the not too distant future as it's walls begin to be filled with more and more information.


White Fox

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Very interesting! There's a lot of information there! This is really the first chance I've had to look at the library. I will go back!

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