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Now that we are back...

White Fox

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Folks, you now see a pretty much newly completed web site here. I mentioned before this big rebuild, that if the site looked exactly the same we were successful. And indeed we were with the help of AKCoyote. However, now we have the proper operating system again, we can do some other changes that are coming soon. Like a whole new forums upgrade for instance, making our forums look like those in our Archive now.


One thing we need to point out though is the size of this site. To find a place to store 15,000 images takes a bit of financing. Financing that I as owner of this site cannot afford. Neither can AK or Worker our Tech guys. Or the moderators. Yes, we all help. But we really need your help as well. I know that I will be donating in a short time. Please have a look at our great Gallery. 15,000 photos, with almost a million views! Have a look at our new links area. It will soon be one of the best on the net of it's type. Look at our Archives where you can see messages back to the day that our Melody side was born. Or our Library where you can see info on the collections of fur members, your favorite fur movies, or some of the first messages on the Fur Den.


Our problem though is that with this much data for you to view, we are beginning to run short of space. Not yet. But not that far away


We will never directly ask anyone for money here. We hope that some of you like this site well enough to help us out. But we will never charge for any area here. That is pretty much our pledge to you forever. I hope though that you might think of how lost you were when this site was down. If we cannot finance it, that is what will happen. It will die. We will also NEVER give your name away to any other site, etc. The fact you donated stays right here.


We are glad to receive any amount that you can give us. Be it five dollars or five hundred. Every little bit helps. It really does. If you go to this link - http://vdsden.thefurden.com/fdwiki/pmwiki.php?n=FD.Sponsorship, or if you click our "Sponsorship" tab, you will see how our sponsors area works. You will see our previous sponsors, etc. With another click yuo will find how our sponsorship is set up. What a charter member is. How you donate, and such.


If you would like further information on being a sponsor, please contact me, AKcoyote, or any moderator. We will all be glad to help you in any way that we can.


Again, I want to stress that we will never ask you for money directly. We do though hope that you love our little site enough to give us a donation. To really be part of it. Unfortunately those bills come in often, and the only way we have to keep our site going is through your help.


Thanks all. We really hope that you will think of us!

White Fox

Owner of the Fur Den.

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As White Fox stated, there is a cost to keeping this site running. We hate to ask for money, but without sufficient donations, this site will just become more Internet roadkill and a distant memory. We do try to plan 2 years in advance so that we can skip a year between donation campaigns and not be harassing you as often.


In the next 2 year cycle we possibly will need more storage space to accommodate the Gallery and the ever growing forums database. The harsh fact is that if we cannot raise enough funds from donations, we may have to freeze the Gallery and not allow any new images to be posted, or consider selling advertising space to pay the bills. I don't know about you, but in my opinion, one of the best things about this site is the lack of in your face advertising.


I know many members here do not have the financial resources to be generous philanthropists. But if all the members who regularly visit this site would each donate $5.00, we would have enough funds to guarantee the site's future for the next 2-3 years without any large donations.


If you enjoy any portion of this site, please consider donating what you can afford so that this website can continue to exist.


Thanks for reading this, and please consider helping the site continue. You can make a difference!


Senior tech admin

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For those who need to see an amount to understand the situation, our current hosting and domain name setup costs us almost $1,000 every 2 years. if we need more storage space for the Gallery and the forums database, the cost will rise to almost $1,200 every 2 years. We buy 24 months of hosting and domain registration in advance because that is how we get the best rate possible from our host.


Sethsable made a generous donation today, but we need to raise at least $700 more within the next 6 months to meet our budget and guarantee that this website can continue to be a haven for fur and wool lovers.

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Thanks Cookie.


Always great to hear from you.

Our treasurer will have to figure out what those "Euros" are when he sees them.


Nice to know that you like our little site.


White Fox

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I want to take the opportunity to thank all of our newest and previous sponsors. Without people like you this would not be the great place it is.




I would also like to encourage all our members to thank all our sponsors. And, as a reminder, everyone who makes a donation to the Den can create their own little furry space in our wiki pages if they wish.


So.... to all our previous, current and future sponsors....

thankyou.gif thankyou.gif thankyou.gif

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