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Furtive Touch

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That site is in our wiki links page.


Now then. I was not going to do this here. But since it is the perfect place to start I will. In the future I am going to show you some of the great little spots that you can find in our links area. These will only be a few. There are so many. But this is the first one. I hope that it will encourage people to explore the net a bit. And to realize what a fantastic new place that our Links area really is.


On that page, you will see a site with a double gold star. I never thought that I would give that to anyone. But, if you go to that site you will see why. Now please remember that you will need to search a bit. The site is crammed with information, and some of it is very hidden. Like the many pages of pictures stored there. Like the kids area. etc.


So, for the first of many of White Fox's links taken from our new Links area. There you go!


Furtive, you mention the Canadian link. That page is fantastic as well. Along with many others there. Have fun folks. You will notice the rating is not finished yet. But it will be soon.


White Fox

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