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I am ready to buy a MUSKRAT COAT, and was advised to look at BEAVER COATs first


l know nothing about beaver: Do they feel similar, is the weight

heavier or lighter, how does it compare as to how long it will last.?

How do the prices of each compare for similar quality levels.?



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Hi Maryse,


Are you buying a new coat or a vintage coat? My experience with beaver: vintage beaver is VERY heavy. In recent years, much progress has been made in the technique for making the pelts much lighter, and new beaver tends to be considerably lighter (but still heavy) with very dense, but soft, fur. Beaver is fantastic for cold and / or wet climates (light rain will fall right off the coat and not permeate the fur).


A lot of other members have experience with Muskrat...I, unfortunately, do not.

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Muskrat tends to be a "Bottom end fur". If you like it, that is great. It is shorter, and just a totally different look to it. In fact sheared muskrat is incredibly soft!


Beaver is a much longer haired fur. More of a modern look to it.


One word of advice. Go into a couple of fur stores and look at everything. What looks good in a picture might not look as good on you or your wife. Or you might instantly find you like the feel of one fur better, etc.


And remember that part of the experience is just going everywhere to look!



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Beaver is a very nice fur. It's got long, silky guard hairs and a nice, soft, dense under fur. The guard hairs are not a soft and fluffy as fox but they still feel nice. When you dig your fingers down to the under fur they just sink right in!


The outer appearance is slightly "shaggy" if the fur has not been plucked or shorn but I think it's stylish.


From my understanding and experience, beaver is one of the top furs for warmth. Beaver are water animals and they are active in the winter. They need warm fur to survive in that type of climate. A beaver fur coat is heavy but it is VERY WARM to wear! My wife recently wore her full length beaver coat outdoors when the temperature was -10º C. and the chill factor temperature was -20º C. With her fur hat and gloves on, she said she could hardly tell she was even outdoors! My wife is very sensitive to cold so, for her to say that, is REALLY saying something!


Here, in the US, you should be able to find a nice beaver coat for $1,500, more or less. You can also get them with fox fur trim. That will add a few dollars to the price but it's worth it.


Go to a furrier and try on a beaver coat. I think you'll like it!

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