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Question about poster rankings.

Worker 11811

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Over there on the top of your posts...



Most of you probably notice that there's a rank above your picture.

They say things like "Newbie", "Top Member", "Super Member", Mega Member", etc. etc. And they change as the number of posts you make grows.


These titles really don't have any special meaning but the makers of the software that runs our site put them there just for fun.


For a long time, we've been using the default titles that come with the software but we can change them to anything we want. So this brings up the question:


Shouldn't our post rankings be fur related? After all, this IS a fur website!


Here's my idea.


If you have 1-5 posts, your title could be "Lapin."

If you have 6-10 posts, you would be "Rex Rabbit."

If you have 11-20 posts, you would be a "Mink".

This pattern continues up to the top category which I think should probably be "Russian Sable."


If I get enough commentary on this and the discussion remains civil, I will consider going in to the system and making those changes.


So let's hear what you think!

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Minor correction. Actually the admins set the ranks and at what post-count they change.


I like the idea of fur related ranks, but you need to remember that we also have wool enthusiasts here who might be offended by fur ranks.

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Minor correction. Actually the admins set the ranks and at what post-count they change.


I like the idea of fur related ranks, but you need to remember that we also have wool enthusiasts here who might be offended by fur ranks.


We could alternate, with Cashmere and Angora being up there with chincilla and sable.


Plus admins and mods should be ermine, due to their powers.

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Plus admins and mods should be ermine, due to their powers.



Well, if that's the case, maybe I ought to be "Hairshirt"


They don't have to be fur. They can be anything we want.

This is what brainstorming is all about.

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Good idea worker, but doesn't have to be fixed. I think something 'fuzzy' is fine, but I guess you don't want to alienate anyone for what is a bit of customizing - so lets have some fun......go for it



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I guess I was out in left field. I thought the higher rankings (Assistant Apprentice through Master) referenced the statuses of someone as they progressed through training to achieve the "Master Furrier" designation. Given that the finest sweaters are handmade (as are furs) perhaps we could creatively meet the needs of both Den branches by focusing on a shared attribute such as this? (I'm not overly creative, but I'm wondering if Assistant Apprentice through Master would still work with maybe "Designer" and a few other relevant statuses tossed in for good measure?)

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It's an interesting idea to think about, and we do have to think of the members on the wool side too.


I don't know if the forum software is coded to handle it, but there is another idea that I have seen on another forum that I read. You have the default rankings (as we have now- titles/levels as determined by the admins), or the option for an individualized title created by the member and entered in their profile (used in place of the default titles unless selected back to the default settings).

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Great idea, how about descriptive combinations of clothing such as;

- Mink trimmed Angora

- Sable lined Cashmere

- Fox trimmed Mohar


Or just alternate fur, sweater, fur, sweater. Just don't forget all the wonderful types of fox pelts.


One mischevious thought though, once a person reaches their favorite fur/wool rating, they may stop posting in order to stay there.



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Just a few things.


For those of you saying "What the He** are they talking about?"

Here are the ranks bars. Indeed there is one that we do not use now so it could be added for one more classification if you wish I believe.


1.gif 1 to 9 posts Newbie Member

2.gif 10 to 49 Top Member

3.gif 50 to 99 Super Member

4.gif 100 t0 249 Mega

5.gif 250 to 999 Ass't Apprentice

6.gif Unused right now

chrome1.gif 1000 to 1999 Apprentice

chrome2.gif 2,000 and up Master

chrome3.gif Moderators

chrome4.gif Unused right now. Taken for future use.

chrome5.gif Administrators, founder, etc.


Now then, Worker was not completely correct. First off, always hated the word "Newbie". Always thought of changing that to "New Member" but never got round to it. Anyhow, the first 4 names are forum names but we fooled with them a bit. Ass't Appprentice, Apprentice, and Master of course refer to the steps to becoming a furrier in the fur industry. Master of course is the top dog. This is not unlike someone in the wool industry of course so the names are not that far off actually.


As Worker mentioned, we can fool with the ranks easily. we might decide not to use one for 2000 posts and up. Making the top one for 1,000 and up.


**Even mods have not heard this. You will notice the second last bar is unused. We have many members here who were mods at one point, and due to changes in life style, etc are no longer moderators here. I have been thinking that we should recognize these people with a special rank. Thus, you will noticed the "Future Use". We need to do a lot of discussion on this though before it comes to be.


So, there you are. Hope it is clearer now.


*****As for suggested changes. We MUST I think consider the wool folks in this. So, I think that we might change the location of this today a bit so that those folks can see it too.


First option probably is to either alternate, or make combinations as Bind mentioned. If we alternate, it might go rabbit, mohair, fox, angora.


the other is to come up with some really neat ranks that have nothing to do with either. Now then, I am only talking as member here, and not owner, but this is the one that I prefer. Sometimes we get so tied up in keeping things on topic that we forget to have fun.


With that folks. Take it away! I'll be watching for the results, but I want this to have input from you folks and not be a mod decision.


White Fox


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I am one of those "newbies," so please bear with me here. Maybe there is a history about this subject I'm not aware of.


You guys are really into this post count thing, aren't you? What difference does it make anyway? Isn't someone who really contributes to the forum or forums noticeable by their contributions alone? (Good and worthwhile vs bad and pointless.) Does anyone need to see a post count to determine how important a member is to The Fur Den? Seems to me that priorities here are a little skewed.


Another thing - Why in the name of common sense is there a wool forum here?? What the heck does wool have to do with fur?? To me, fur is so soft and sexy. Wool is scratchy. It's like going to "Chateau Henri IV Steak House and Hot Dog Shop." On one hand the elegance of fur and on the other, wool??? I just don't see the connection, but again, I'm a "newbie" so if you tell me to butt out, I'll understand.

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No problem at all F/T


I am very short on time so bear with me. I think that I am the one who should answer the last part of your question especially.


There were originally two sites that merged into one away back in time. Both were fetish oriented sites. You may also have noticed from our Archives that some of the very original posts from one wing of this site are still available right back to day one. And some of those are much more fetish oriented than today. (server rules.)


Those two sites were the Fur Den, and Melody O'Hair. (Hope that I spelled that correctly.) Both were fetish oriented, and Melody had an area for Wool Fetish, Fur Fetish, and as I recall one or two others. Long hair maybe? Joe Al, you can help me here. That third fetish forum just died a slow death with disuse. That site was owned by Fuzzywol.


The Fur Den was the other wing of the site and was created as a very small site, and was owned by FrBrGr. It was on Tripod I believe? It merged with Fuzzy's site as mentioned.


Yes, I remember the day well that we moved here from Melody. What I especially remember though was the day that I closed down the old Fur site at Melody. FrBrGr, the site owner, was not available the day that took place, so it fell to me to do that. You can still see the message I wrote that day at the top of our Archive, and I actually had tears in my eyes as I pulled the plug on the old site. It just meant so much to us! That site had been our home for years. And I was killing it! I will never forget that experience.


Anyhow, when the site began to have technical problems, the Fur Folks came here. Here, we had a backup site for Melody in case they had problems and indeed they had one for us. However, finally one day poor old Melody went down and never returned. The wool folks came to our backup site and after a long while decided to make this home.


You were right but only partly. No, there is no connection between fur and wool. BUT there is a connection in that each are fetishes. So that is why those folk are here. We are still fetish oriented, so thus they belong here. You are also probably a bit too new here to realize that the two sites are really run separately. The wool by Joe Al and Walter. And the fur site by our folks. Generally for instance, the fur mods never go there as we consider that to be sacred territory for them.


The reason that we value their membership here goes back to our Fetish roots. These days not everyone here is fetish oriented. But many of us are.


So, there you go. Totally confused? Hope I explained it properly. I try to avoid these long posts, but I thought this needed explanation. If you have questions, do not be afraid to ask.


(short form progression was as follows.)

1. Fur Den and Melody O'Hair formed independently. Melody has a number of fetish forums. Sites had different owners.

2. FurDen and Melody merge under Melody O'Hair name.

3. Fur Den moves to this site to form two independent but closely linked sites again. Each has a backup site for the other.

4. Melody goes down and those folks come here "temporarily".

5. Temporary becomes permanent and the site becomes one again - still with fetish roots.



As for post counts. I agree with you that we tend to over emphasize them too much. I am glad that you mentioned your thoughts here as almost every post here was in the other direction. I was sure that some folks thought that way. And this thread and poll was an attempt to analyse that. I hope others feeling like you will feel free to reply with their side as well.


With that. I've been too windy. Just thought you deserved an explanation.


White Fox

Site Administrator and Owner


P.S. There are some posts from the original Den site at Tripod (?) available in our Library. They make for interesting reading too. Members who have not read them should take the time to do that.

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Have you ever been sitting in the living room with your husband or wife when the subject comes up, "Hmmm... Maybe we ought to put up new curtains?"


That's about what I was thinking when I started this topic. It's not a super important thing but I thought it would be nice to dress things up a little.


I'm still taking suggestions on rankings but I'm also thinking that I should go over and ask the Wool folks what their thoughts are.

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