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I Couldn't Wait To Report This!

Furtive Touch

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I'm still shaking inside!


One of my clients paid me an unexpected visit today. She represents a fairly large account, so even though I didn't have time to see her, I did anyway. Am I glad I did! She was wearing one of the most breathtaking coats I believe I have ever seen. A cocoa colored full length sheared mink coat with a huge lynx collar that spilled over into a tuxedo. The first thing I did when I went out to the reception area to greet her (after I had a heart attack when I saw the coat) was to live up to my screen name here in The Fur Den. (I dreamed up "Furtive Touch" because I am forever "sneaking a feel" anytime I get close enough to a fur coat - or fur of any kind for that matter.) I shook her hand with one hand and held her arm with the other. I immediately invited her to the privacy of my office and made it a point to walk close to her so I could "sneak feels" all the way down the hall. Safely in my office, I offered to take her coat and hang it in my closet. As I took it from her shoulders, since she was facing away from me, I was able to put my face into the lynx for a brief moment before I took the coat to the closet to hang it up. I purposely left the closet door open so I could glance at that beautiful coat every so often while she was there - and believe me, I did!


Finally, when she was ready to leave, I retrieved her coat, once again pushing the lynx against my face as I took it out of the closet. As I helped her put the coat on, I commented on how beautiful I thought the coat was, and how much I wished men could wear a coat like that. She said that she loved fur, and always had, ever since she was a little girl. I said that I felt the same way, but never had the nerve to buy a fur coat for myself. She scolded me for that and told me that I should definitely change my mind and that she admired men who wear fur because to her it said much about their confidence in their masculinity. I assured her that I was very confident in mine, and that's when I got the surprise of my life. She took off her coat, handed it to me and said, "Prove it! Try it on!" I stammered and said words that that I don't even remember saying other than something like "Oh, no. I couldn't do that. It wouldn't fit." She said that I wasn't that much bigger than her and to just do it. I must have turned ten shades of red, because she apologized, saying that she didn't mean to embarrass me and that I didn't have to. I laughed and said something like, "Oh what the heck. Why not?" knowing that if I didn't I would hate myself the rest of my life.


I can't begin to tell you how I felt when I put that coat on. I felt numb. I have never had such a wonderful feeling in my life. She asked me how it felt, and I told her that it really felt good. She commented on how it was too bad that I didn't have a mirror in my office so I could see myself, and told me that I should go out this week sometime and buy a coat for myself. I agreed that is what I should do, although it probably wouldn't be like this one. She laughed and told me to give her coat back to her before I got too used to it. I reluctantly took it off and helped her putting it back on her, once again putting my face into the lynx before I put the coat over her shoulders. I walked her back out to reception and to the elevators, all the while "sneaking feels" as we walked and talked. I know she noticed the attention I was giving to her coat, but bless her - She just smiled what I want to feel was a very knowing smile and as she went into the elevator she pulled the lynx up around her face with her free hand and gave me one last very nice, warm smile.


This is an afternoon I will never, ever forget.

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my god, that is a great story. I wish I was a liitle fly to be there in the office and see that.


Definatly something you will remember for ever.


Can't wait for her next visit.

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What a wonderful experience - I bet,and for your sake I hope,that your client comes back for another encounter - a close encounter of the best,furry kind.

Thanks for sharing.

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That is just awesome!


It's things like that which give you just a little more energy to push through your dreary day and KEEPS powering you for days afterward!


I think it also illustrates something I've always believed.

Most people who wear fur are nice enough to talk about their furs and let you touch them if only you ask politely.


Don't get me wrong! I've sneaked a feel of fur when nobody's looking too! If given the chance, almost anybody would. As long as nobody gets hurt, there's nothing really wrong with it. Heck! Even after all this time I STILL check the coat room to see how many furs are hanging there. In your situation, I probably would have sneaked a feel, too.


But the thing that most impresses me is the fact that you asked and she let you. Like I said, it just goes to show that "fur people" are just a little nicer than some other kinds of people.


BTW: Welcome to the Den, Furtive Touch!

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I have some many lucky.

Beautiful coat, also I liked to "put my face" in a fur.

But unfortunately never happened in my work situations like this

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You just can't make this stuff up. If we offered a prize for going the extra mile, you'd have my vote. Look what not being secretive of our desire can get you. This is like winning the lottery. Good for you Furtive.

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Great story...now go buy a coat for yourself! I can't tell you how many compliments I get on my semi sheared mink!!!!


Let me tell you--I think it's too bad that I have had to live my life up to this point without wearing fur as my primary coat! Imagine that same feeling you felt EVERY TIME you go out in the winter!!!!


And honestly...does it really matter what people you don't know think about you?

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I get compliments all teh time now on my furs as well.


I wear my fur lined jackets to work, meet clients and shop in them daily.







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I think I may have found my coat! Jacket, actually. Hip length. The furrier I saw said that natural beaver is very warm and wears well. This isn't the coat, but it looks exactly like it. $795. What do you think? Good buy?


A fur for Furtive Touch?

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I like it!! Plus, price sounds right! I personally love Beaver. Wore mine more than I did my expensive Mink. But, I lived almost on Canadian boarder then.


BUT, some caveats: Even if a furrier says it is new, it could be 5+ years in his shop. So, if guardhair is prickly - pass on it.


Beaver is not like Fox, but it still is silky soft with just a touch of waxy feel to guardhair. The underfur, to me, is incredible!! If the color is uneven or starting to have brassy tips (oxidation) - pass.


If you can see inside take a look at the pelts for workmanship, even seams and soft hides. Even if they have to open it up for you, it would take only a few minutes for a finisher/ or salesperson to restitch!


As Beaver ages the guardhair is sharp and brittle. New Beaver is also tanned very thin to eliminate old complaint of "weight," so life is shorter - 10 good years IMHO? Experts? Also, value is affected if it is full pelts or sections. Can't tell from photo. Is it let-out or pelt-on-pelt? Both are nice. The later method is common now days with designers. I like both!


If you run into a pieces - pass - unless it use is for play only. Even then I would pass. Just not worth the trouble. You will spend a mint caring for an inferior fur. Just not worth it!!


Furs are like relationships and fine wine!! You either pay up-front or later!! There is value and there is cheap. No one wants cheap!!


Is it a zip front or closures? If it zips make sure it has a heavy-duty two way zipper or it will drive you crazy if you intend to wear it driving.


If you buy it, take a picture for us.


This question is a great one for our Furriers Forum, I am going to move it there, with a shadow in its original forum. I would love to see a few of the Experts and our very wise membership comment. (I know Worker just bought his wife a Beaver and is very happy with it!)


Also wish Carol aka FurBabe was around to give advice on bargaining! What a wealth of knowledge she is!! Plus, she has incredible taste!


Good luck! Let us know how it goes! ..even if you don't buy, isn't it fun looking?



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