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Exploring a whole new concept here for the site

White Fox

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We are exploring the idea of a whole new concept here for this site. We would like to know if anyone here is interested. It is a little hard to describe here so bear with me.


Imagine an individual member being able to open a whole new area here. It would be part of our site, yet that member would design the area and be responsible for it.


Let's give a couple of examples to explain this better.


Brandy made the medieval post this morning. Then Lord mentioned having some photos he would like to post. Imagine that someone like this might want to explore the idea of a whole area for history of furs, or indeed a whole area explaining how furs work into fashion, etc. Yes, there would be size limits. However, this limit could probably much higher than you might think.


Maybe a member would like to post number of polls with members here. To gradually figure out where people are from, and their ages. Likes and dislikes. Then use that information figure out ways to take the Den in a direction much better than we ever dreamed of here.


Or, for another example, JGalanos often posts clips from magazines and papers. Maybe he or someone else would want to begin an area based on that. Who knows what direction it would take exactly. Possibly, ending up with a whole mini site leading members to find ways to make papers take up and listen to positive fur stories. Or Maybe something breaking down the way press people cover "Furs", and how that affects the industryin general.


Or maybe you would do so something so simple that no one ever thought of it before but you!


If you can think of any project that you would like to think about please let us know. Yes, you would be relying us to do the actual building of that area. At least, until you get the hang of doing it yourself. But, you could describe your thoughts. What you would like to see, etc. And we can do our best to take it from there. Giving you ideas on how we might work with you on that project.


So, I hope that each and every one of you will let your minds wander. No matter how ridiculous the ideas you think about, just think a little more. Maybe that one really crazy idea might turn into the best area of this web site yet!


Please just give me a PM if you have any ideas, or post in this thread. There are almost no rules for this. Yes, we have to follow the Den's CoC. However, other than that the space is fairly open. If we begin to develop some new areas as a result of this, then we can figure if any new guidelines need be developed to go with the project.


Remember. Let your minds go crazy!


White Fox

Den Admin.

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